Durga Teacher's Circle

An Experiential Yoga Teacher's Retreat with Paula Mitten 

May 28th | Cost €149 | Time 10am-5.30pm

Thank you so much Paula for holding such an incredible in-person experience at the K-Club. It was so great to be among so many yoga teachers and share in all things Yoga together. From start to finish, guided by such an experienced and knowledgeable teacher, it was an unforgettable day! I can't wait for the next one! Thank you again.
Ciara Murphy
Yoga Club with Caira
“Fill your cup until your cup runneth over”
Surround yourself with like minded yoga teachers for an entire day. Immerse yourself in the yoga practice and experience the unique energy of an in-person training with Paula Mitten

When you take time for yourself to dive deep into your own yoga practice, when you spend time with a positive, uplifting yoga tribe and when you give yourself permission to explore with your teaching skills, a whole new world of possibilities will emerge

Durga Teacher's Circle will light the agni fire in your belly & take your practice to a whole new level

 If you are ready to unleash your creativity, create confidence in yourself and fuel your excitement to serve your students then Durga Teacher's Circle is for you

  • Unlock Your Confidence

    and get excited for all of the student gratitude that is coming your way

  • Explore Your Practice

    and discover that your body is capable of so much more than you could ever imagine

  • Transform Your Assists

    Receive and give hands on assists that transform your own practice and the practice of your students

Included in the day