Yoga Workshops

Meditation in Movement LIVE STREAM

February 26th | Cost €25 | 9-11am

Meditation in Movement
Live Stream

February 26th | Cost €25 (Free to DYO Members)

| 9-11am

This is a Flow Yoga Workshop with a focus on turning inwards to create a moving meditation. Learn how to use your daily yoga movement as a form of meditation to get the fullest benefits from your practice.   

Yoga Workshops

Balance Your Flow LIVE STREAM

February 27th | Cost €25 | 9-11am

Balance Your Flow
Live Stream

 February 27th | Cost €25 (Free to DYO members) | 9-11am

In this workshop we will focus on all elements of balance. On a physical level we will incorporate balancing poses into the sequence, but we will also explore balancing right and left sides of the body as well as balancing of energy and efforts to create a sense of  equilibrium.

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