Yoga Teacher Training

Experience online yoga teacher training with a personal touch led by our accomplished, world-class instructors. Turn your passion into a career by learning how to become a yoga teacher. Or take your existing teaching practice to the next level by deepening your skills and knowledge.

Our Yoga Teacher Courses

50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course

How It Works

In this specialised yoga instructor course, you’ll learn the key principles and poses of Yin yoga, a slower practice that works on the deep connective tissues and promotes inner harmony. 

This yoga teacher training course takes place in live online sessions over three weekends. It’s perfect for those with some existing yoga teacher experience and a regular yoga practice. You have already accomplished the fundamentals and wish to deepen your yoga practice.

What You’ll Learn

Discover how to share your practice and teach others in a benevolent way. Learn how to create meaningful teaching plans, vary poses, and use props in yoga classes. Understand how Yin yoga relates to the human anatomy and spirit. Gain a greater understanding of spirituality in the form of elements, chakras, and koshas.

Plus, you’ll have access to pre-recorded sessions on areas you want to specialise in as a Yin yoga teacher, such as emotions, restorative Yin, and seasonal themes.

200-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

How It Works

Vinyasa yoga or flow yoga is a more dynamic practice people use for strength, flexibility, health, and energy. This 200-hour yoga teacher course takes place via 100% live online sessions with a one-day yoga retreat in Ireland as the perfect summation of your journey.

The course is for those who wish to turn their passion for yoga into a career. We only ask for some experience attending yoga classes and a passion to learn more so it’s suitable for beginner yoga teachers.

What You’ll Learn

Deepen your Vinyasa practice with asana workshops and discover meditation techniques to incorporate in yoga classes. Learn how to create and teach Vinyasa sequences along with how you can really help students through cues and guidance. 

Explore elements of yoga you may not have previously, for example, uncovering the philosophy and history behind this practice. Also, gain key insights into how to build a flourishing business and community around Vinyasa yoga.

300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

How It Works

Advanced yogis may wish to join this 300-hour training course to refine their skills as yoga teachers and introduce new ways of learning to their students. 

Enjoy 100% live online yoga instructor training over nine weekends. We also encourage self-exploration and provide opportunities for personal study during this time.

This course is for yoga teachers who have completed their initial training. We expect high levels of passion for the practice and commitment to sharing your knowledge with others.

What You’ll Learn

Expect higher levels of learning in the advanced yoga teacher training course. Discover advanced sequencing and theming of routines, bringing in layers to provide a deeper experience for your yoga students. Delve deeper into healing techniques and ancient texts.

Learn how to take your business to the next level by holding yoga retreats and providing private lessons. Master strategies that will help you expand your yoga business. Use this course to go from a yoga teacher to a leader and expert in the community.

Why Durga Yoga Ireland?


Our yoga teacher training courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. When you complete training you’ll be able to join the alliance’s global database of yoga teachers, access yoga teacher insurance, and make use of further resources.

Convenient Online Classes

Learn to become a yoga teacher or advance your skills from the comfort of your own home. Fit teacher training around your schedule and take part in classes from anywhere in the world. Convenient online classes make yoga instructor training accessible to everybody.

A Personal Touch

We run live sessions over Zoom so we can offer the personal touch you wouldn’t get watching, say, a YouTube video. Our course instructors can offer you feedback, answer your pressing questions, and engage in a friendly dialogue.

Highly Experienced Teachers

Course instructors have decades of combined experience teaching yoga and training yoga teachers around the world. They’re kind, supportive, and open-minded. They also have plenty of experience of running yoga studios and developing successful business strategies.

A Supportive Community

We love our Durga Yoga Teachers Tribe and you will too. Here you’ll be able to share and learn with your fellow trainees. Our platform also offers further training materials, workshops, and meditations to partake in at your own leisure.

The Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training

Do Something Meaningful

See the positive impact yoga has on the lives of others. Help students gain strength, energy, and reap the many health benefits of their practice. You’ll experience an immense feeling of gratitude alongside your own mentees.

Learn How to Run a Successful Yoga Studio

Our yoga course instructor Paula has built her own six-figure yoga business. It’s her great pleasure to impart her knowledge and experiences so that you too can run a successful yoga studio.

Become a Great Teacher

You’ll learn how best to support students of different abilities, provide a safe space, and bring the best out in your own students. After our yoga instructor course, you’ll understand how to cater sessions to different needs and truly help people. You’ll be able to plan and deliver yoga classes with confidence and kindness.

Enjoy a Rich Learning Experience

Our yoga teacher courses are incredibly varied, covering elements of mind, body, and spirit. Along with enhancing your yoga practice, you’ll gain a deeper knowledge of ancient traditions as well as human anatomy. Not only do you gain a rich learning experience, it allows you to provide a rich experience for your own students.

Yoga Instructor Course Requirements

At Durga Yoga Ireland, we teach all levels from beginner yoga instructors to seasoned pros.

The advised level of experience differs from course to course. But it’s worth bearing in mind that we value commitment and passion over experience. Shape, size, gender expression, and flexibility levels don’t come into it.

Generally speaking, we ask for:

  • Passion for yoga
  • Desire to deepen your knowledge
  • Curiosity about spirituality and an open mind
  • Desire to become a yoga teacher
  • Commitment to helping yoga students

Still unsure which course is right for you? Give us a call or email and we can have a quick, friendly chat about your options.

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