Durga yoga teacher trainees practising

Durga yoga teacher trainees practising yoga

Teacher Training in Durga

It’s hard to believe the first of our 2018 yoga teacher training courses has come to a close.

In just 3 months our part-time yoga teacher training students transformed from yogis who love their yoga practice ,into skilled, confident yoga teachers equipped to sequence classes, apply anatomy to the mat, give intelligent cues and offer a multitude of effective hands on adjustments in their very own classes.

And what we three months it was…

We practiced….

We studied

We meditated

We laughed

We made a new family

Sometimes, we slept…

We taught classes

We made life-long yogi friends.

We can’t believe it’s over!

Becoming a yoga is life-changing. Are you ready to take the leap and change yours?

Our next yoga teacher training is just around the corner.

If you would like to become a fantastic yoga teacher, specialising in vinyasa flow, you can enroll for our three-week intensive course in July 2018 or our winter part-time course in October. Visit to book or call me, Paula Mitten on 08 for a chat.