Online Yoga Training with Paula Mitten

Unlock the next phase of your yoga journey and find inspiration in your yoga teaching.

€24.99 Monthly Subscription or €59.99 Per Quarter

Why Train With Durga Yoga Online?

Access unlimited live online yoga classes with one of Ireland's top yoga teachers at one set price, choose monthly or quarterly membership.

Progress your yoga practice from the comfort of your own home with Durga online yoga training. There's no need for a fancy yoga studio, we'll work in whatever space available.  Choose online yoga classes that align with your schedule, for those days that you're short on time, flow with Durga, guiding you to exactly where you want to be on your yoga journey. Never miss a class with unlimited access, on-demand yoga classes.

Experience the power of Durga yoga. Share and cultivate energy and community connection with live yoga classes. Join the Durga Community today. 

Our Styles of Yoga

This is a fun, dynamic 20-minute flow yoga class designed to wake you up, move your body and get your energy flowing for the day ahead. Prepare for a fun, challenging and energetic class where everyone is welcome. Roll out your mat as the sun rises and join our growing community of morning yogis.

Our slow-paced grounding practice keeps you close to the earth. It is all about re-creating the connection between your mind, your body and your breath, harnessing a powerful mind-body connection. Radiant Earth is a 30-minute yoga class suitable for all levels. and is a great way to release tension from your body at the end of the day.

Our slightly slower-paced flow class focuses on movement with the breath. This gentle, nourishing flow will encourage you to turn your focus inward. Radiant Sun Flow is a 30-minute yoga class suitable for all levels and is a great way to release tension from your body at the end of a long day.

Access recordings of Paula's 6 week beginners program. These are hour long yoga classes that take you through the basics of each pose to build a strong foundation that you can take forward. Prepare for a fun, challenging and energetic yoga class where you will learn, grow and see progression in your asana. Roll out your yoga mat and join our growing community of Durga yogis.

Access recordings of Paula's hour long fun, dynamic, flow yoga. Power through Paula's unique yoga flow style combining the energy of Vinyasa with the alignment of Iyengar and the intelligence of 20 years of yoga experience. Prepare for a fun, challenging and energetic yoga class where you will learn, grow and see progression in your asana. Roll out your yoga mat and join our growing community of Durga yogis.

The Durga Yoga Programme

Roll out your yoga mat and join the online community in live virtual yoga classes or choose unlimited access, on-demand sessions to fit into your schedule. Your free time, your choice, join daily practice sessions from Monday to Friday with our quick-fire, 20-minute morning sunrise flow and start your day the right way with our power yoga session. Or choose an evening practice covering a wide range of abilities, from fast to slow-paced so you can truly master each and every yoga pose as a beginner. 

Yoga Timetable

Durga Yoga Online encourages you to honour your body. Notice what feels good and what works for your mind and body. Continually see progression in your well-being and practice

Challenge yourself, and practice fun, functional yoga safely from the comfort of your own home. Despite everything you might hear in the yoga world your yoga practice doesn't have to be limited to either functional or fun. Enjoy both, progressing your yoga practice in a safe, nurturing online community. Master foundational poses, new movements and poses, expertly guided by your instructor, Paula Mitten. Practice and progress with Durga Yoga Online classes. 

Meet Your Online Yoga Instructor

Paula Mitten

Paula Mitten is an internationally recognised yoga teacher and yoga teacher trainer. Creator of Durga Yoga Ireland and Yoga Teachers Masterclass, Paula is a teacher of teachers, teaching yoga for 18 years and facilitating teacher training since 2011.

Your yoga instructor Paula eludes passion, encouraging self-exploration and true inner belief in her students.  Committed to building a yoga community of support, connection and generosity, unleashing the power of yoga.

When she's not teaching yoga you will find Paula dancing in her kitchen to 90's old-school music or at the stables with the horses. In the stillness of the morning, before the rest of the world wakes, Paula enjoys sitting leisurely over a pot of fresh organic coffee and taking some quiet time to think.

Paula's first experience with yoga was while working as a costume designer in film and television. She found pranayama as a way to destress, and cope with anxiety and overwhelm.

She went on to train through 1,000+ hours in Yoga Teacher Training, as well as training in Sports Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, Business and Marketing, Leadership and Transformation Skills.

Paula's spiritual journey never finished, and she considers herself a dedicated student for life.

About Durga Yoga Ireland

Durga is a Hindu goddess of war, strength and protection, the female Divine aspect who was created to destroy the demon that could not be killed by any of the male Gods.
In the arrogance of the demon, he did not think it possible to be destroyed by a goddess, a mere woman!!
She is depicted holding the trishula of Shiva, and the conch and discus of Vishnu and rides a lion or tiger to symbolise her control over even the wildest of nature.
Durga Yoga Ireland’s mission is to empower yoga practitioners to tap into their Durga energy and go out into the world as dedicated students and teachers.


How much of a commitment do I need to make to the online classes?

Join our daily practice through live virtual yoga classes or simply watch back pre-recorded yoga classes when you have the time or a free moment for practice.

What ability do you cater to with classes?

We cover a wide range of yoga abilities with our online yoga program. From beginner classes for those new to yoga or for our seasoned yogis, you'll find online yoga classes that fit your ability perfectly with Durga. Explore strong, power yoga or gentle yoga poses with your yoga instructor Paula.

What are your yoga subscription options and how much do they cost?

We have two options for our subscription plans - our monthly subscription at just €24.99 per month and our quarterly subscription at €59.99. Gain unlimited access to yoga lessons online, choose live and on-demand classes, and seamlessly integrate yoga into your daily schedule. 

What type of yoga does Paula teach?

Throughout our virtual yoga classes, we focus on exploration, and movement in a fun and safe online community. Paula teaches Vinyasa yoga so expect a strong focus on the breath and fluidity in movement. Paula’s yogic style is influenced by many years of practising Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga.

What should I wear when practising yoga?

We recommend comfortable clothes that allow for free movement during your yoga lessons. Choose between tight or loose-fitting clothing, it's a matter of preference, see what feels most natural and allows you to feel comfortable and at home in your practice.

Can I eat before practising yoga?

Try to wait at least two hours after eating before practising yoga. Giving your body plenty of time to digest your food. If you need to eat, we'd recommend a small snack before, giving yourself time to digest too. Remember to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. 

What is yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice that originated in ancient India. It involves a series of postures, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques. The focus? Overall health and well-being. Increase flexibility and strength, improve balance and posture, and promote relaxation with the practice of yoga. 

What can I expect from your online yoga classes?

Carve out the time for dedicated yoga practice and master basic yoga postures and poses while nurturing your mental and spiritual wellness. Expect expertly guided online classes taking you through each movement and breath, helping you master a beautiful spiritual connection with each and every movement. 

I am new to yoga and yoga online, where do I start?

Our online yoga for beginners class teaches you the very basics of yoga. You'll be guided by your yoga teacher throughout the full duration of the class. Once you feel confident to explore the other classes we offer we would highly recommend trying all classes at least once to find your favourite classes. 

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