Teaching Yoga – How to use your voice

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February 11, 2019
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Teaching Yoga – How to use your voice

by Paula Mitten owner of Durga Yoga Ireland


Teaching yoga can be an art form, how you use your voice can have a massive effect on the energy of the class!

Don’t you just LOVE the feeling when you come out of a yoga class feeling completely blissed out and ready to float home?

Have you ever wondered how to offer something in class that will take your students to a new place in their practice?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you finish leading Savasana and the room is still. Seeing students slow to stir, slow to sit up, holding on to the last moments of bliss before they step into the outside world again.

Your voice is something that you have regardless of where you are teaching, and you can use it to your advantage!

At the beginning of class use soft tones to set the scene and help students to become grounded and present.

Let your voice build with the class. As you move through your warm up section your projection and tone will change to mirror the dynamics of the practice.

Remember that what goes up must come down!! Notice how your voice begins to soften as you enter the cool down of the class and becomes slower, calmer and quieter as you head towards Savasana.

The energy of your voice and the tones that you use in Savasana should be very different to the rest of your class. You can quite literally lull your students into a place of rest. You are easing them away from the physical body and into a much deeper place within themselves where they can enjoy the stillness that Savasana brings.

The next time you teach notice how you use your voice, try changing the tone to match the energy that you want to create in the room and reflect on the results it brings.


Paula is the owner of Durga Yoga Ireland and the creator of Yoga Teachers Masterclass. To learn more from Paula on yoga teaching skills including sequencing, functional yoga, alignment, language, cueing, and layering sign up for her online Creative, Intelligence, Seamless 5 day training and take your teaching to the next level.