What you need to know to be a yoga teacher

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What you need to know to be a yoga teacher

By Paula Mitten owner of Durga Yoga Studio and senior teacher on the Durga Yoga Teacher Training program
Where in the sentence 3-week Yoga Intensive Training did I miss the word INTENSIVE? It’s funny with hind sight how obvious the word is but, at the time, going into the unknown, I expected our yoga teacher training would be a doddle! “Amazingly fun” and “easy” were the words I thought of when booking my training.


I will never forget day 1 of the training at my first class with Vidya at Frog Lotus Yoga in Massachusetts, USA. It was the most challenging class I had ever taken and I was buzzing afterwards. I was filled with excitement for what was to come and where my journey would take me.
I quickly learnt that there is a huge difference between taking a few yoga classes every week and standing up to teach a yoga class. When you step onto your mat at the top of the room, as the yoga teacher, your students are putting their trust in you. Your knowledge must go beyond stringing a few poses together with some nice music to really knowing why you are asking someone to do a pose, how to intelligently create a sequence and how you can help your students to grow and develop in the practice whilst looking after their limitations or injuries on any given day.


If you want to be an amazing yoga teacher, you will need to work hard for the entire time that you are on that training. Your study should not end after your first 200hr training, in fact it is only beginning. It is a teacher’s responsibility to continue to grow and learn as they teach to be the best that they can be. Yoga teaching is a career choice, it is a profession and should be treated as such.
My 200-hour training was intensive, very intensive. I studied night and day with my fellow trainees, quizzing each other at every given opportunity. We practiced new yoga poses, created sequences for teaching, learnt Sanskrit and quizzed each other again! We cried, we laughed, and we cried some more. I was immersed in yoga and because of that I returned home feeling confident and ready to share my passion for the practice as my full-time career. It was an amazingly life transformational journey and I am thankful every day for that experience and for where it has brought me in my life.


Now not only a teacher but a teacher of teachers, running my own yoga teacher trainings, I stand at the top of the class filled with excitement for my students as they embrace this adventure into the unknown. I strive to support my students in every perceivable way to become incredible yoga teachers ready to embark on a new life path.

If you are thinking about training as a yoga teacher and you would like more information on where to start or if you are ready for the journey email Paula on info@testing.durga.ie with all of your questions.