A ‘yoga in bed’ routine for a perfect morning

A ‘yoga in bed' routine for a perfect morning

By Christine Dunworth, Durga Yoga teacher

It's October and even though we are more than halfway through the year I always feel that this is a chance for a new yoga beginning.

The holidays are over, the kids are back in school and the weather is just beginning to change. This can often become a time of reflection and an ideal time to take a look at our practice, how it has evolved and how it can develop for the future.

Most of us are leaping out of bed to catch the bus, feed a baby or rush to work. Getting up in a rush can lead to a chaotic start to the day and can impact negatively on your mood. I have put together an easy ‘yoga in bed' routine to set you up for a perfect morning.

A gentle ‘yoga in bed' routine

1. Set your alarm ten minutes earlier and take the time to get out of bed slowly.

2. Notice how your physical body is feeling,  lie for a minute or two in stillness and clear your mind. Try not to think of what you have to do that day, just allow the mind to be clear and still, listen to your breath, notice the inhale, then the exhale. Take a few rounds of deep cleansing breaths and then bring in some gentle movements.

3. Neck stretches:  Still lying down, turn the head from side to side a few times slowly. Lift the chin up, stretch the throat, then bring the chin down stretching the back of the neck.

4. Wrists and ankles: Give them a little roll out, one direction and then reverse.

5. Full body stretch: Reach up, stretch out, lengthen everything from finger tips to toes

6. Windshield wiper knees: Still lying on your back, bend up the knees then allow them to slowly move to the right, keep the shoulders down, feel the stretch down the left side of the body, then change sides.

7. Upper body stretch: Lie on your right side, head still on the pillow for support, knees bent, arms extended out in front, palms together. Inhale lift the left arm to point to the ceiling, exhale, bring left arm all the way down to the left side so arms open to a T. Take a full breath here and exhale the left arm back to meet the right. Repeat once more then change to the other side.

8. Big Hug: Lying on your back, draw the knees into the chest, make yourself into a ball and give yourself a big hug. Now you are ready for a great day!

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