Put your yoga teaching under the microscope with YogaLab

Are you a yoga teacher looking for fresh new ideas to invigorate your classes? At Yoga Lab, we’ll help you to supercharge your classes and bring them to the next level.

This year we’re running a series of eight day-long workshops specifically for yoga teachers.

Join senior yoga instructor, Paula Mitten for a set of unique post-graduate training courses for yoga teachers in 2017. These workshops are designed to give yoga instructors the space to experiment and develop their own practice, while placing different elements of yoga teaching under the microscope.

Workshops can be booked individually or as a course.

Each YogaLab class is accredited with the Yoga Alliance and counts as eight CDP hours.

YogaLab costs: €99 per full-day workshop, €450 for five workshops, €700 for a year-long course of eight workshops. To block book contact info@durga.ie. Book individual workshops below.



22nd April: Class planning and sequencing for vinyasa flow

Dynamic yoga classes need great chemistry. Learn how to plan intelligent vinyasa flow classes that seam postures together in a logical way. From warming up to peak postures, learn which poses flow together and how to insert counter poses that benefit your students’ bodies and minds.

20th May: Props are your friend

Props enable your students to access the full benefit of a posture regardless of their anatomical form or physical condition. Learn how to thoughtfully integrate blocks, belts and other vital props into your class – when to use them and how to recognise when individual students will benefit from them.

24th June: The art of assisting

Assisting and adjusting helps your students to go deeper in their physical practice, supporting them to have better alignment and structural stability. But it can be daunting to get off the mat and to start assisting or to try out new assists. This class will give you the space to learn, refresh and practice a wide range of safe assists, building your confidence and practical knowledge.

29th July: Perfect Cueing

Clear, unambiguous use of language can unlock the magic of poses for your students, allowing them to stay present and undistracted. This class will teach you to fluently use cues for breath, asana and mantras and to set the right tone for your class through your voice and expressions.

26th August: Advanced assisting

Every teacher reaches a point where they feel very confident to assist the basic poses but dream of practicing and learning new assists. This class will delve deeper than the average trikonasana and look at a range of new and exciting assists that will allow you to stand out from the yoga teaching crowd.

16th September: Anatomy on the mat – what to look for and how to work with it

No two bodies are the same and your students will come to class will a mix of injury, tightness and other issues. Examine how to read bodies, understand body mechanics and to safely offer options for your students, so that they can access poses with care and control.

28th October: Amazing workshops with added value

Workshops are more than just a longer class, there is a method to creating workshops with real added value for your students. Learn how to confidently create amazing workshops that your students will be queuing up to book into, including how to structure a workshop towards peak poses or specific anatomical benefits. Get ideas and inspiration about for the kinds of workshops you could hold.

18th November: How to teach relaxation and guide meditation

More than ever, clients are seeking a mix of yin and yang classes to bring a balanced practice into their lives. Meditation is a gift that you can give to your students to lift their experience of your classes to a higher plane. In this class, you will learn how to teach relaxation, meditation and yoga nidra, with scripts provided.


09.30 – 11.30 Two hour vinyasa practice:
11.30 – 12.30 Brunch break:
12.30 – 14.00 Workshop:
14.00 – 14.30 Tea Break:
14.30 – 16.00 Workshop:


€99 per workshop

€450 for 5 workshops

€700 for 8 workshops

*excludes food and drink


Paula Mitten, Director of Durga Yoga and Antenatal & Frog Lotus International trainer (500HR SYT)

Meabh Smith, Co-teacher (275 hour Frog Lotus Graduate)